Q. What are flexmasks made of?

 A. Two-layer polyester, heat laminated with no chemical additives


Q. Can I put my company logo on the mask?  

 A. Yes, we have the ability to place your logo on masks (please email us for your specific needs) 


Q.  Are these reusable?

 A.  Yes. For best results, hand wash with dish or laundry soap, rinse and hang to dry.


Q. Are these made in the USA?

 A.  Yes these masks are cut and sewn in the United States of America 


Q. What sizes are available? 

 A.  We offer L/M and M/S


Q. Are bulk quantities available?

 A. Yes, no matter how large your order need is, our state of the art factory can produce up to a million per week


Q. How soon will I receive my order?

A. Usually within 5-7 days from order placement 


Q. Are there different colors available? 

A. Currently we only offer masks in black; however, new colors will be available soon


Q. What else can these be used for?  

A. Dust masks for landscaping, woodworking, motorcycle riding, and outdoor cold weather protection